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The new Alphenix family of interventional systems deliver images with greater clarity and precision. Combined with industry-leading dose optimization technologies, enhanced workflow, and a new set of features, Alphenix continues Canon Medical's commitment to supporting you and your mission to provide patients with safe, accurate and fast imaging.

Alphenix solutions for interventional cardiology

Better integrated cardiac-optimized technologies help you deliver the best possible outcomes for your patients.

An improved imaging chain with new hardware and software technologies provide you with faster and more assured visualization. Superimpose 3D volume data on the live fluoro display to safely see and deploy devices with confidence.

Alphenix's improved imaging chain, including Illuvis noise reduction technology, provides cleaner, sharper, more defined images during stent placement or ablation procedures.

Comprehensive planning tools allow for quick and intuitive analysis prior to procedures such as transcatheter aortic valve replacement. Coronary tools feature automatic contour detection in both 2D and 3D, cross-section analysis, and stent enhancement that suppresses surrounding anatomical structures and background noise. Alphenix floor- and ceiling-mounted C-arms support complex cardiology procedures with an unprecedented range of patient access and full-body coverage. The new tableside Alphenix Tablet gives you control right at your fingertips to deliver a faster, more seamless and richer work experience. The new feature-rich Alphenix Workstation better integrates applications to help you plan, analyze and perform interventional procedures.

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