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The modern cardiology is developing rapidly nowadays. Minimally invasive treatments are a global trend in medicine. Polimed introduces innovative solutions to clinical practice that bring a qualitative change in the standards of the medical care. The use of unique therapeutic and diagnostic options has resulted in a significant increase in the effectiveness of the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Our goal is to promote minimally invasive, effective, safe, doctor- and patient- friendly solutions.

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ic-arrow broszura TRICVALVE P&F ic-arrow broszura REDUCER Neovasc ic-arrow broszura ALLEGRA NVT Biosensors ic-arrow broszura AFR Occlutech ic-arrow Verheye_CS Narrowing For the Tx of Ref Ang_REDUCER-I_EuroInt_2020 ic-arrow The atrial flow regulator current overview on technique and first experience (2020) ic-arrow Italian Registry Am J Cardiol 1.2021 ic-arrow Gasecka_2020_Microcirculation_COVID (003) ic-arrow Allegra Via Medica ic-arrow AFR_intro and PRELIEVE 1 yr results_w_OPP ic-arrow 33284421 The Coronary Sinus Reducer; 5-year Dutch experience ic-arrow 8218287_2019_the-afr-prelieve-trial_Eurintervention ic-arrow 8204376_2019_AFR for severe resistant PAH after CHD correction_Sabiniewicz ic-arrow 4785013_Update on Devices for Diastolic Dysfunction Options for a No Option Condition 180827 ic-arrow 2020_AFR_as_a_novel_therapy_for_patients_with_chronic_HF_Lewicki ic-arrow 1 - Lauten-Figulla et al 2011 - Heterotopic transcatheter tricuspid valve implantation first-in-man ic-arrow 2 - Lauten-Figulla et al 2014 - Percutaneous Bicaval Valve implantation for Transcatheter Treatment of Tricuspid Regurgitation ic-arrow 3 - Figulla-Kiss-Lauten 2016 - Transcatheter interventions for tricuspid regurgitation - heterotopic technology TricValve ic-arrow 4 - Lauten-Figulla et al 2018 - Interventional Treatment of Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation ic-arrow 5 - O'Neill 2018-Editorial_Caval Valve Impantation ic-arrow 6 - Lauten et al 2018 - Caval Valve Implantation for Treatment of Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation