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THT Conference 2024
A modern approach to education and research in medicine

Our Vision

  • To engage in providing education and training to interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons
    at high-quality, national and international congresses or meetings
  • To support the training of Heart Team members in coronary and structural heart interventions in referral centres
  • To develop a multimedia educational platform for Heart Team members at the THT website, presenting the latest achievements of the coronary and structural heart therapy

Our Mission

  • To provide high-level education and training to Heart Team members involved in the treatment of patients with structural heart diseases
  • To stimulate cooperation in research and practice between Heart Team members in Europe
  • To facilitate access to educational materials and presentations on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases
  • To monitor and support the development of transcatheter treatment of structural heart therapy
    in countries of Central and Eastern Europe

Other educational projects